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Interactive TOEFL vocabulary memorizing method

Interactive TOEFL vocabulary memorizing method

By participating in TOEFL teaching practice, it is found that limited vocabulary is the main cause of English learning disabilities. Students often overlook the importance of word memory and lack of proper ways to memorize words in their practical English learning. Also, many of the current vocabulary memorizing software are lack of interest. By referring to the experiments on various vocabulary memorizing apps, articles and documents relevant to Ebbinghaus curve, this study combines traditional vocabulary memory method with Ebbinghaus curve, complemented by games. Try to overcome difficulties to produce the game and optimizing algorithm through e-learning. Interactive TOEFL vocabulary memorizing method

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This article studies TOEFL test influence on learners preparing for a test of general speaking, the TOEFL General Speaking Module. The TOEFL is a high-stake test used by so many countries to evaluate immigration applicants for language ability. Successful performance on the test may have serious implications for the life and carrier chances of test takers. Therefore, it is natural that TOEFL has a strong influence on teacher and learner behavior.


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