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  • ECS offers OET coaching to nurses from around the world and help them achieve their Nursing Career in  UK & IRELAND.
  • Courses are offered in all formats Classroom, Online and Blended.
  • Our trainers are internationally certified (CERTTESOL Qualified) to ensure productivity in training.

OET Score Cards

ECS Live Online / Classroom OET 2.0 Preparation

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ECS is the best global provider of OET 2.0 live online sessions. ECS assist you with building your language abilities which will give an extraordinary impact on your learning.

ECS offers online and normal classroom OET 2.0 training. OET is offered to 12 categories of medical services experts, and mostly for nurses & Doctors. Our online courses are exceptionally adaptable, intended to work with your plan of scoring grade A or Grade B.

How ECS OET Coaching helps you to score Grade A & above?

ECS is a standout amongst other OET Coaching Institute and the OET preparation will help the student in the accompanying manners to accomplish the ideal scores as per the individual requirement.

  • Assessment of understudy’s capacity to accomplish the ideal score.
  • Learning basic scenarios’ for writing and speaking.
  • Learning to create thoughts and develop appropriate ideas.
  • Improving logical writing abilities and acquiring the fluctuated way of writing needed for various       kinds of writing assessment
  • Building fluency, pronunciation in speaking
  • Learning articulation of thought expressively in writing and speaking.
  • The idea about the necessary time span to accomplish the required scores.
  • Tips and tricks to break through Listening and Reading modules
  • Help to break through each question type

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Demonstrated and Improved OET Online Training Methods - About ECS

As we probably are aware, numerous medical caretakers experience issues joining and study in an OET Training institution because of work or individual reasons. In such situations, live online OET is the lone choice. Nonetheless, many dread doing such since they have some awful encounters with other OET online institutions.

So ECS expects to do OET Online coaching as same as offline or more than that to recapture validity and offering live grammar sections, which ease understudies to pass the OET in their necessary score as right on time as could really be expected. Individual online classes, given by ECS OET, assist them with remedying their mistakes in writing and speaking areas. Also, Listening and reading exercises are taken by our master group, making students break their score rapidly. Across the board, ECS IELTS turns into the lone answer for students to accomplish their dreams with the best OET results.

OET is similarly simpler for most medical care experts.OET has endorsed and approved ECS to convey top-notch exercises and preparation content. OET instructing is accessible at our centres in Pondicherry, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Trichy.

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OET is the healthcare or medical services-specific English language test. It surveys the language capability of medical services experts hoping to enrol and rehearse in an English language speaking environment.

OET represents the Occupational English Test, which is especially figured to survey the abilities, understanding, and knowledge of the medical services experts or healthcare professionals in the English language. OET is a solid reliable English language evaluation test that incorporates each of the four English language abilities including Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

OET is acknowledged as confirmation of English capability for enrolment, accreditation, and permitting entry license in Australia, Dubai, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ukraine and Singapore.

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Features of OET:

  • OET is accessible for the following medical services professions: dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, speech pathology, and veterinary science.
  • The test is taken by Cambridge Box hill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA) since March 2013.
  • OET provides a legitimate and reliable test of Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking abilities for the English language in a medical environment.
  • The test is consistently refreshed to keep up with the changes in the English language in accordance with the medical context.
  • In 40 countries, across 115 centres the OET test is taken 14 times per year.
  • For OET test dates, countries and venues where the test is available, visit

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What makes OET not the same as other language tests?

Most other language assessment tests are for professionals and students. This essentially implies that anyone regardless of their professional background can attend a similar test.

In any case, on account of OET, the test is intended for medical professionals. This guarantees that a medical professional can easily identify the test situation from his/ her regular work insight. This factor makes OET highly favourable among healthcare practitioners.

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The Best Online OET Training for Nurses:

Numerous medical professions intend to work abroad; they need to get a good score in language assessment, either OET or IELTS, which they think. But when they join in ECS IELTS for OET the idea will change causing them to prevail in the test as well as improving their lives productively.

We assist in accomplishing your dream work out through OET. It is likewise significant that we focus on OET to give 100 % devotion towards it.

On the off chance that you are planning to take up the OET examination, kindly register with us. Being the best instructing centre, we trust it is our obligation and responsibility to guarantee you the best training, as it is an inevitable part of your prosperity also.

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OET Grade Descriptions on the Statement of Results:

OET results toAugust 2018 OET score fromSeptember 2018 OET band descriptors
A 500
Can communicate very fluently and effectively with patients and health professionals using appropriate register, tone and lexis. Showscomplete understanding of any kind of written or spoken language.
B 440
Can communicate effectively with patients and health professionals using appropriate register,tone and lexis, with only occasional inaccuracies and hesitations. Shows good understanding in a range of clinical contexts.
C+ 340
C 290
Can maintain the interaction in a relevant healthcare environment despite occasional errors and lapses, and follow standard spoken language normally encountered in his/her field of specialisation.
D 190
Can maintain some interaction and understand straightforward factual information in his/her field of specialisation, but may ask for clarification. Frequent errors, inaccuracies and mis-or overuse of technical language can cause strain in communication.
E 90
Can manage simple interaction on familiar topics and understand the main point in short, simple messages, provided he/she can ask for clarification. High density of errors and mis- or overuse of technical language can causesignificant strain and breakdowns in communication

Become an expert

• International English language test

• Used to assess the language communication skills of healthcare professionals

• Developed specifically for nursing professionals

• Designed to simulate real workplace tasks

• Testing relevant language skills

• A proof of English language proficiency in a demanding healthcare environment

• Based on four language skills with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment including: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking.


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☆ 7 out of 10 students score  Grade B and above

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Our course will help anyone:

☆ Taking an OET test

☆ Applying for work or immigration services in English-speaking countries.

☆ Looking to improve their OET Grade.


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Trainer’s Profile:

* CertTESOL qualified from Trinity  College Of London *(British Council , IDP IELTS ,  Cambridge  English, Pearson  Academic &  ETS) Certified  International Trainer with 10+  years of experience in teaching IELTS.

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We ensure better understanding of the participants and help them achieve their required grade effortlessly.

ECS follows a unique system of coaching and goes all out to bring you a greater understanding of the test format and help you get your best OET Grade.

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