UK Free Placement for Nursing

Our Client has over 20 years of international
exposure in HRrecruitment worldwide.

Our success is the result of the long-term relationshipswe build with clients and candidates as well as adedicated team which has propelled us to the front rankin terms of nursing recruitment. This makes us the rightpartner to address the staffing challenges faced byhospitals and nursing homes.Service (NHS) of the UK to recruit nurses from India. TheNational Health Service (NHS) requires qualified andquality candidates to fill healthcare staffing gaps in theUK. We as a prime NHS recruiter, is eminently suited togive you the right placement for your career boost. Ourdedicated staff are here to take you through the processeffortlessly, answer every question you may have andensure a smooth transitionto the UK
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Our services

  • Candidates must have successfully completed BSC Nursing or GNM course
  • Candidates must have practiced as a registered nurse for at least 6 monthsAchieve a minimum IELTS score of atleast 7 in reading, speaking andlistening and 6.5 in writing.
  • Achieve a minimum OET score of B inreading, speaking and listening and C+in writing.
  • All nurses in the UK must be registeredwith the Nursing & Midwifery Council
  • (NMC). Registration involves aComputer Based Test (CBT)

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NHS Benefits

  • Nurses working for the NHS can expect at least aremuneration of £24,214 per annum for approximately 36-40 hours per week.
  • As a nurse in the NHS you also have the option of joining the Nursing Staff Bank. This will allow you to work additional hours (overtime) at your Hospital or other local Hospitals
  • All NHS employees receive 27 days annual leave peryear, plus 8 days for general public holidays.
  • Your spouse/partner is also entitled to a visa and can work in the UK.
  • You can get permanent residency in the UK once you have worked in the country for 5 years

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Relocation to UK

  • NHS representative will meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation as well as brief you on all that you need to know about settling in your new home.
  • We will brief you on living in the UK before you leave so that you can choose the area which you think might suit you best. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of living in urban and rural areas and the cost of living in these areas. You will also be briefedon the weather, the clothes you have to takewith you and medical tests you need to under go before entering the UK.
  • Your NHS employer will arrange for a formalinduction training programme. You will begiven a schedule for it on arrival.

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