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University Students learning for English Speaking

University Students learning for English Speaking

1) To study English speaking ability of Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology students according to English instructional model based on communicative approach theory 2) To compare TNI students’ English speaking ability before and after speaking class 3) To investigate TNI students’ satisfaction with the speaking class. The subjects were undergraduate students at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology during second semester of 2016 academic year which derived through simple random sampling technique. The instruments used in this experiment were the pre-post English speaking test, the lesson plans, the English speaking ability evaluation form, and the questionnaire on students’ satisfaction towards the speaking class.

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In addition, it includes putting liberal arts education at the center, increasing research funding, and expanding involvement in the city.

In 2009, was named the 27th president of the University of Cincinnati. His presidency expanded the accreditation and property of the institution to regions throughout Ohio to compete with private and specialized state institutions, such as Ohio State University. His administration focused on maintaining the integrity and holdings of the university. He focused on the academic master plan for the university, placing the academic programs of UC at the core of the strategic plan. The university invested in scholarships, funding for study abroad experiences, the university’s advising program as it worked to reaffirm its history and academy for the future. Neville Pinto is the current and 30th president of the university.

Recently, teachers of English as a foreign language have been encouraged to implement communicative approach to develop students’ English speaking abilities suitably in context. This is because of the awareness of English used the most widely spoken language in the world and employed in various areas such as technology, science, and business. Communicative approach has been introduced in EFL settings to improve students’ abilities to use English in real contexts . Communicative approach teaching can be applied in teaching English that develop communicative ability in authentic contexts .

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